Radar based precision accuracy. Privacy protected. Impervious to light / weather / sound conditions.

Xandar uses state of the art radar technology powered by its own patented, proprietary algorithm to obtain 99% accurate presence detection and 80~99% accurate people counting in places where it was simply not possible with cameras before. At the core of it all, Xandar detection people via their vital signs from as far as 10 meters away. Open new possibilities what Xandar’s smart building and security solutions today!

Pushing the limits of radar signal processing algorithm since 2012

For so many years, radar technology was used to detect an object far away, which also meant it was able to obtain distance range with speed of light. Xandar is a 6 year university research program spin-off start-up that launched in 2017 equipped with numerous patents, strong engineering team and an industry-leading portfolio of solutions.

Xandar is part of Xandar Kardian. The “Kardian” part of the company focuses on health care solutions – including the ability to monitor the health and well being of the occupants via radars. To find more information, please visit kardian.com or xandarkardian.com.

Latest Use Cases