Detect foreign objects as small as 0.1mm.

Security, 0.1mm at a time.

Xandar’s OSR technology is designed to scan and learn a given environment. Once this data is imprinted into the system, it will continuously scan the area every millisecond for the desired changes in the environment.

Use case #1

ATM Skimming devices. ATM skimming devices cause over $2B in losses for banks around the world, each year. And it’s also a growing problem – 500% increase in attacks YOY. Although there are many “sensors” that is designed to detect skimmers,makers of skimming devices have always found a way to bypass it. The saying “make a 10 ft wall and we’ll make an 11 ft ladder” applies here. With Xandar’s OSR technology however, it can detect ANY foreign object by looking at the environmental change – including INSIDE The ATM machine. It is impervious to the type of material used or even technology used. So long as some “thing” is inside the ATM when it shouldn’t, it will be able to disable the system and send out an alert.

Related patents:
KR 10-2018-0123169 (Granted) / US 16/437,051
Card Skimming Prevention Device
US Patent Pending (claimed priority)

Related patents

KR 10-2018-0123169
Card Skimming Prevention Device
US Patent Pending (claimed priority)

Use case #2

Utility rooms. Gas pipes. Airport security.
When an area should be fully secured and locked down, security personnel are concerned about two things – presence detection and unauthorized objects (such as bags) left behind in the zone. Imagine if a bag is left behind an elevator at an airport. Security personnel would want to know this ASAP. With OSR from Xandar, you can.

Detection via micro-vibration patterns emitted from human bodies.

focuses on breathing (chest movement) patterns. Xandar’s solution performs accurately even when the person goes through sleep apnea cycles and sleeps in various positions.

Focuses on heart beat frequencies, making it almost impossible to bypass the system as humans cannot stop their heart from beating. This is designed specifically for high security usages (airports, museums).


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