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QuadReal Property Group is a global real estate investment, operating and development company headquartered in Vancouver. Their $27.4 billion real estate portfolio spans 23 global cities across 17 countries. QuadReal was established to manage the real estate program of British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI), one of Canada’s largest asset managers with a $145.6 billion portfolio.


QuadReal has tried to save energy by keeping the lights on for more than 10 minutes if there was a large motion using PIR sensors(motion sensors) in their office spaces. However, there were frequent false alarm and miss-detection issues. PIR motion sensors simply do not know whether a space is occupied unless large motions trigger its heat arrays.

Entire floor HVAC and lighting is turned on if even one RFID ACCESS card was used on that floor. During off hours, this creates a large energy drain.

Real space usage data is lacking. Meeting room usage is based on scheduling systems and not real-usage times.


Xandar deployed Presence Detection, People Counting as well as Dwell-time MeIn May of 2019, Xandar deployed over 140 presence detection, presence detection with vital-sign monitoring and people counting solutions at Commerce Gate Building on 199 Bay St. Toronto, Ontario.

People Counting & Presence Detection for Optimal Energy Savings

99% presence detection- even when someone fell asleep on their desk, ensures that tenants are never faced with “lights off” and “HVAC” off situation which could create discomfort.

Presence detection paired with people counting in zones can give better decision making data to the central HVAC system. If a large number of occupants are occupying a certain zone, HVAC could be turned up in that specific area. Alternatively, if only one or a few occupants are occupying another section of the floor, HVAC can be turned down lower to save energy while not causing any discomfort.

Monitoring the well-being of the employees

Xandar is able to monitor the heart rate and breathing rate of single-occupant office spaces in order to continuously ensure their health and well-being.

See what time of the day and which day of the week stress levels hit the highest. Know when fatigue sets in.

Elevator traffic

Know how many people are waiting in front of the elevator throughout the day.

Usage based janitorial services

Xandar can provide real-time alerts to janitorial services based on real usage data of a certain space or bathroom. Avoid mandatory schedule-based cleaning services.

Security efficiency / savings

Avoid having to make mandatory foot patrols throughout the building by being able to rely on Xandar’s presence detection system. Focus their time and effort in investigating specific spots of a suspicious area.

Emergency beacons

Xandar’s solutions is impervious to temperature or smoke. In the case of bomb threats or even fires, Xandar’s solutions can provide critical real-time information about where and how many occupants are in the building.


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