Presence Detection | People Counting | Dwell-time Measurement

Shelbourne - 20 Church street, Hartford CT


Shelbourne is a New York based company that currently owns and manages over six million square feet of commercial real estate, totaling over a billion dollars’ worth of assets. Shelbourne’s strategy and approach has been to obtain private equity capital to primarily acquire Class A office buildings that are opportunistic and high yielding in secondary and tertiary markets.


Shelbourne’s drive to provide innovative smart building solutions to its tenants has created a need to obtain real-time data about how its facilities were being utilized. PIR motion sensors are positioned throughout the building, but the information given from these sensors are inadequate to make reliable decisions in terms of presence, dwell time or number of occupants in a given space. Like many other office buildings, the use of cameras other than security in public areas is not an option due to security/privacy concerns.


Xandar deployed Presence Detection, People Counting as well as Dwell-time Measurement radars through several key locations in the building.

Key benefits obtained from Xandar Solutions

Energy saving

HVAC, lighting and energy savings based on the actual real-time data


Adjust staff and janitorial services based on the actual amount of usage

Space utilization

Provide authentic real-time and historical data to make decisions for a better space utilization

Dwell time

Dwell-time Measurement

Fitness Center


Know how many people use the facility throughout the day.


Xandar provided total occupant counting but also provided the ability to count in different zones of the gym so that management can know which fitness equipment was being used most.

Conference Room


Know how many occupants are using the meeting rooms throughout the day.


Xandar positioned 4 radars in the large conference room for higher accuracy (85%+) in the center of the room. Furthermore, actual dwell time calculation can also provide real usage time vs. scheduled time.

Men’s bathroom


Know when to provide janitorial services based on real-usage.


Xandar’s presence detection, people counting and dwell time monitoring systems are deployed in the men’s bathroom. Since Xandar’s solutions do not have camera or microphones there is absolutely no concern for privacy.

Presence detection is able to help control lighting to save energy.
People counting information as well as dwell time can provide real-usage in real-time and send alerts to janitorial services after a certain threshold has been met.

Installation photos

The Fitness Center

The Men’s Bathroom