99% Accurate Presence Detection. Less then 0.01% False alarm.


The most reliable presence detection in the market today.

The concept of smart building solutions began decades ago when hotels and corporate offices realized that they need to understand more about how their buildings were used and how they can save on energy costs. Unfortunately, a large portion of technological advancements were focused on data analysis rather than sensor detection.

Let’s start to understand why 99% accurate detection MATTERS.

The most commonly used motion sensors are inexpensive and simple to install. Unfortunately, it becomes clueless if any large motion is not generated by the occupant. If someone is sitting down typing on the laptop at work or watching TV on a sofa or sleeping on a bed in a hotel – motion sensors (PIR) will simply not know if the occupant(s) is still in the area or not.

In recent years, companies have started work around this by putting in various “guesstimation” logic – such as turning HVAC off when no large motion is detected for more than 15 minutes. Other companies combined motion sensors with ultrasonic sensors which listens for micro-sounds (ie: breathing) to detect presence. The problem with this has been with false alarms as any micro sound – from TV, hallway footsteps, refrigerator motors, fans, etc., can all set it off. This is why systems based on these solutions are only able to offer a “20% HVAC savings” benefit.

Detection via micro-vibration patterns emitted from human bodies.

focuses on breathing (chest movement) patterns. Xandar’s solution performs accurately even when the person goes through sleep apnea cycles and sleeps in various positions.

Focuses on heart beat frequencies, making it almost impossible to bypass the system as humans cannot stop their heart from beating. This is designed specifically for high security usages (airports, museums).

So how is Xandar Kardian different?

Let’s first re-examine what kind of “data” our human bodies generate constantly. Our bodies generate heat, sound and smell. But we also generate micro-vibrations in the form of chest movement as we breathe and heartbeats as the heart pumps blood.

Xandar Kardian detects presence by detection for these types of vital sign signals. This is how we claim a 99% accurate detection rate. False alarms triggered by movements generated by non-humans is also eliminated by its patented robotic movement detection algorithm which removes any repetitive movement patterns as a human presence. Furthermore, environmental mapping and auto-calibration processing further enhances the continued reliability of the system even though changes are constantly being made to a given zone.

How does it compare with other radar solutions?

FMCW radars are also being tested for presence detection. Although these are less expensive and sometimes smaller than IR-UWB RADARS, FMCW radars cannot see through any object. If a person is sitting or lying down behind an object- such as a chair or sofa, FMCW radars will not be able to detect presence properly. Other IR-UWB RADAR based presence detection solutions face challenges when the environment is changed or a machine-generated movement is detected. For example, if someone left a wristwatch in the room, radars can detect this movement as human breathing signals and create a false alarm. Xandar Kardian’s solution is time-tested and validated through various installations in airports, hotels, shopping malls and class A office buildings around the world.


Energy Saving

Any real estate space that is not being utilized should have minimum lighting and HVAC operating. In a hotel scenario, the average vacancy time per 24 hour period is over 14 hours. Imagine if lighting were turned off and HVAC was only running to maintain a minimum temperature setting. Savings of 50% or more can be achieved.

Housekeeping and Janitorial Service Optimization

Skip the “door knocks”, 99% accuracy means 99% reliability. Know when a room is vacant without having to wait until 9am to start knocking on the doors. Clean throughout the day more efficiently. For office or public area janitorial services, cleaning can be done in real-time based on real-usage, not based on a time table on a sheet.

Emergency Beacons

During an unlikely event of a natural disaster, or man-made fires and bomb threats, Xandar’s accurate presence detection system can pin-point first responders to specific areas where occupants are located.

Space Utilization

Know where and how long certain spaces are utilized in an office building. Rearrange the facility with spaces that more people will want to use.

Security Optimization

What does 99% accurate and 99% false-alarm free presence detection mean to your organization? For starters, Xandar Kardian systems are now deployed into banks and airports to provide the ultimate presence detection solution for security purposes. For office security purposes, reliability of Xandar’s solution can optimize the foot patrols during the night.

Dwell Time Based Operations

Know how long an occupant was in a zone. This information can be useful in a variety of scenarios. For bathrooms, knowing how long someone was in the bathroom can identify uniary use vs. toilette usage which can help janitorial services which areas to focus on when cleaning. In fitness gyms, dwell time can provide information about how long certain members use which machines throughout the day. In an office building setting, dwell time can also provide information about how long a certain meeting room was actually used. For kiosks at airports, shopping malls and even banks, dwell time calculation can be used to monitor performance levels.

Related Patents

Patent number: 10-1966172 - Smart Building Control using RadarUS 16/427,466

The present invention is to provide a smart building system that senses a person located in an indoor space to automatically control an indoor controller disposed in the indoor space.
It is an object of the present invention to provide a smart building system that determines in which space of an indoor space a person is located to control the driving strength of an indoor controller (HVAC) in a certain space of the indoor space.

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*Above patents have been filed under Hanyang University (XK is a spin off from the university lab) and have since been acquired by WRT LAB – a subsidiary of Xandar Kardian Inc.  ALL of the above patents have been filed in EP and USA as well and are currently patent-pending.


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